Pathways Overview

Training is divided into 3 categories and students must complete each lower category to participate in upper level categories.

Level 1 Training: Basic Machining Fundamentals

  • Goal: acquire machining basic knowledge
  • Type: web-based modules with assessment (at-home)
  • Content: Workshop Safety, Machine Types, Coordinate Systems, Work Holding, Machining Concepts
  • Time Required: approximately 2 hours

Level 2 Training: CNC Fundamentals and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software

Level 3 Training: Machine Controller, Machine Setup and Machine Use.

  • Goal: gain knowledge of machine controller operation and learn machine usage in on-machine training
  • Type: on-machine training (at-machine)
  • Content: Startup procedures, Tool loading and offsetting, Workpiece loading and offsetting, program simulations
  • Time Required: approximately 3-4 hours training, 2 hour check-off