Georgia Tech and Autodesk

Georgia Tech is working with Autodesk to collaborate on an initiative to connect and monitor machine tools with Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) devices so to develop new strategies to bring intelligence to the shop floor. As part of the Enhanced Preparation for Intelligent Cybermanufacturing Systems (EPICS) proposal funded by the Department of Energy, students will be working at the Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco to implement sensing devices to detect and measure machine behavior. These devices will collect and stream real-time information to online databases, where it can be analyzed and acted upon. Areas of interest include preventative maintenance and predictive analytics, tool tracking, and CAM optimization. The Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco houses numerous other residents and startups, allowing for the sharing of ideas across multiple disciplines and industries. The Georgia Tech-Autodesk collaboration is an exciting venture that glimpses into the factory of the future and lays down some of the groundwork to achieve it.